TENCEL™ Capsule Collection by Pijakbumi

Wabi-Sabi Sneakers collaboration amongst GAMATEX x TENCEL x Pijakbumi named Wabi-Sabi inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept that focuses on the elements of simplicity, timelessness, and natural beauty of objects that are seen as having no artistic value.

Wabi-Sabi is made with high-quality, precise execution by the hand-assembling of local craftmen. The sleek design and lining of TENCEL and cotton on the Wabi-Sabi will keep your feet feeling a breeze from the first step to the last.

“LANGKAH BUMI” TENCEL™ Capsule Collection under the article name Wabi-sabi, which means something can be said to be perfect if it participates showing imperfection. The bark of the lantung tree, even though it still looks like raw material in the article, Wabi-sabi gives a distinctive iconic impression. There are 3 main natural ingredients used in Wabi-sabi, namely: the bark of the lantung tree that grows in the forests of Sumatra, TENCEL™ Modal, and cotton. To facilitate the 3R process (reduce, recycle, and reuse), Wabi-sabi uses the cupsole as the outsole because of the material easier to recycle than the manufactured outsole vulcanization in general.


Origin : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Construction : Cemented


Upper : Lantung Tree Fiber, TENCEL Modal and Cotton
Insole : EVA
Midsole : Thermoplastic Rubber
Outsole : Thermoplastic Rubber
Shoe Laces : TENCEL Modal


Bumisocks : TENCEL Modal
Cleaning Kit : Lerak, Coconut Fiber Brush, Fabric Outlet
Packaging : Hard Cardboard Box