Sustainable Material for Recycled Denim collaboration with Dogged Materials

Starting from the idea to expand our recycled denim product line, we tried to represent it into something real. Collaborating with our trusted partner, @DoggedMaterials, makes this effort even more accelerated. Maybe this initiative is far from perfect. However, hope to be part of the concept of sustainability, we can at least start … From now on.

In the video above, there is a concept and what is recycle denim for us. I hope this educational video can be useful and increase your knowledge.

Jeans made from recycled denim.

A jeans product with recycled denim material that results from maximum processing and effort.

We guarantee that this recycled denim is in accordance with good production procedures.

What we mentioned in the specifications of this product is true.

• We believe this is not just a trend, but also a commitment. Good production processes for partners, workers to the environment, selecting materials that adapt to tropical conditions, and authentic design touches are the basis of your benefits.

• Specification:

1. 14 OZ Indigo.

2. Nep Texture.

3. 100% Cotton (Recycled Denim).

• To note: 1. The surface of the material is slightly different due to the spinning process of the recycled material.

2. Color is a little bit solid. 3. However, we can make sure this is the best product that you should have.