Selvedge Denim


Yes, selvedge is the name for denim edging produced on a Shuttle loom. Usually, denim with selvedge is considered sturdier because of the tighter weave. WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 10.07.52

Selvedge Denim Collection

we have a wide collection of selvedge denim fabrics from 6 oz to 20 oz, in indigo blue and black sulfur and even a combination of both.

With regular or slubby textures that we develop with good quality yarns. We also make color combinations for wefts so as to produce a unique fabric color appearance.

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We use a shuttle weaving machine from Japan, namely the Toyota brand which was produced between 1980-1981, we believe with this machine we can produce quality and good fabrics. until now we continue to strive to improve quality and quantity to meet your needs to produce selvedge jeans.