Mondrian Denim


Dobby is a woven fabric that is made on looms, woven with extra textures such as small geometric, floral, beads, etc. are the hallmarks of dobby fabrics. Yarns of the same or different colors are used in the warp and weft. Various motifs are used to give an exclusive look.

Dobby’s 3-dimensional square texture from a special weaving technique “MONDRIAN” was designed and curated just for you.

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Fabric Details

This product was developed by our R&D team in collaboration with partners, customers and colleagues who share the same passion in developing unique denim products.

we develop mondrian denim that can be used for multi products such as jackets, pants, shirts and even shoes or hats. currently available mondrian denim with fabric weights of 6.5 oz and 13 oz.


we played with construction so this fabric has a unique texture and has an embossed texture

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Produces a unique color effect after getting treatment washing


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