About Us


Founded in 1981

Started its industrial activity in the city of textiles in Bandung-Indonesia. We create authentic denim fabric with operational flexibility, combined with innovation and experienced industrual knowledge.We satisfy with complete finished fabrics, perfection and delivery of the final products Today, Garuda Mas Semesta is a well established private company, producing annually 14.500.000 yards of authentic denim fabrics in the ranger of 4.5-20 0z of weight. Combined and created with innovation and operational flexibility, all fabrics are sold in the local and international market under the company’s brand name :


We help our customers to be successful. We identify their needs and provide them with innovative solutions, featuring outstanding added value. We develop our core Denim fabric business by focusing on two major axes:

Growth in the local & export market

We have always put product and service quality at the center of our strategy and emphasized this priority in recent months by developing a new service model which involves various intiatives such as client visits conducted by the commercial, technical and R & D department. This new service model we base on client segmentation which better captures individual needs. We are also working on potential new product offers as well as on diversification of distribution channels.

Business Transformation to Achieve Cost Competitiveness

Cost competitiveness will remain a strategic focus for our company. The business transformation we presently working on is designed to serve our customers better by aligning the operating model to their needs while achieving significant productivity gains at the same time. The first milestone of this business transformation allows us to simplify our structural guarantee of transparency and efficiency. For 2012, transformation is built on two pillars :
“Customer Centricity”, designed to standardize GAMATEX‘s commercial approaches and adapt operating methods based on client’s needs, and
“Productivity -flexibility”, which aims to optimize our processes so as to generate new resources and market the organizational structure more flexibly. Furthermore, PT. GARUDA MAS SEMESTA is achieving operational efficiency through the use of standardized and shared environmental protecting solutions.  


To become a world class textile company through continuous and trusted business practices that heed the welfare of the employees, the preservation of the environment, and to the contribution of positive impact to this beloved country.




To produce world class denim fabric
To practice ethical business processes within a trusted and reliable reputation
To build a dependable financial system to sustain a continous and lasting business
To strive for customer’s comfort and satisfaction
To develop workforce’s competency in order to better their welfare
To preserve the environtment
To pursue new achievement in product innovations and in business management