Woven Wabash by GAMATEX


Inspired by the wabash cloth that appeared in 1800 – 1900, which incidentally is the name wabash refers to the process of creating patterns and prints on the base of the fabric with indigo solution.

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The process of making wabash cloth is not actually dyeing but removing the parts of the indigo fabric that have been dipped in indigo solution to make patterns or prints. The fabric that has been given indigo-based dye goes through an oxidation process that removes the other colors and eventually forms a wabash pattern, namely white dots lined lengthwise.

Picture source BRODO

We developed a wabash fabric with a pattern that is woven directly into the fabric using a modern weaving machine and authentic Japanese Toyoda machine for selvedge version.


we made a wabash with a 2/2 (Canvas Duck) and 3/1 twill weave. and we called it “WOVEN WABASH”. By using technology and inspiration from traditional techniques, we hope that our woven wabash can be an option to meet the needs for your clothing products.