Gamatex Updates

Any updates regarding collaborations, special editions, partnerships, communities, fashion news, or other matters related to Gamatex will be updated here.

Antology Asamgaram EP.1 – Penetrating the International Market Despite Not Having a Physical Store. Aryan is a psychologist who wanders around looking for a goal. Finally, he went into business […]

Starting a dialogue between conventionalism & the binary views of today’s society Encourages a new way of thinking & how we perceive each other.[…]

Trying to reconstruct our video company profile, not only to update new things but we also want to try to keep up[…]

We are proud to be able to support designers or brands to develop. Very excited to see HOR x GAGNE taking part in the Spotlight powered by Indonesia Fashion Chamber […]

Gamatex is always open for every line of business, including UMKM. We had guests the UMKM community from Kediri last Friday […]

Had the opportunity to attend wall of fades 2022 at Pondok Indah Mall 3 Jakarta, Indonesia. […]

We are proud to be a part of Trade Expo Indonesia, also we can introduce products woven by skilled hands of the […]

Opportunity to be a speaker at Birla Cellulose at Birla Cellulose Studio with 17 companies engaged in fashion FGD (Focus Group Discussion) […]

PMP Denim, has joined forces with GAMATEX to do an exclusive collaboration highlighting a new take of vintage-inspired selvage denim fabric wit […]

“Nevermind the Sun” from Vearst & Gamatex produces three products made with Gamatex’s finest and authentic fabric, developed by Vearst […]

Wabi-Sabi Sneakers collaboration amongst GAMATEX x TENCEL™ x Pijakbumi named Wabi-Sabi inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept  […]

Presenting one of our extravagances SSST “MONDRIAN” Collections, starred Dobby Denim by Gamatex are all referenced trends in the culture line . […]

Starting from the idea to expand our recycled denim product line, we tried to represent it into something real. Collaborating […]

Inspired by the wabash cloth that appeared in 1800 – 1900, which incidentally is the name wabash refers to the process […]

This is a promotional video on youtube!! , please also register yourself in our official channel on youtube ( Indonesian Denim ) […]

Berikut ialah copy tayang / Cuplikan dari Ensiklotivi dari TV one, Ensiklotivi merupakan suatu acara yang menyuguhkan informasi dan berbagi pengetahuan […]